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In 2003, our grandfather, Benny “Pappy” Barker created a sweet and spicy treat out of his small kitchen in rural west Texas. His bread and butter jalapeno peppers were a hit amongst his family and friends, and Pappy soon began peddling his peppers at local craft fairs and festivals. Thus, a business was begun and Pappy’s Pickled Peppers was born! In 2006, Pappy went to be with the Lord and his family coveted his last few jars of peppers. Being his oldest grandson, I inherited his recipe and soon picked up where Pappy left off. In 2008, I along with Pappy’s small business moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where my family and I introduced North East Oklahoma to Pappy’s legendary peppers. We began selling the peppers at local fairs and festivals just as “Pap” had and as orders increased, so did my vision for my grandfather’s small business. I desired for Pappy’s Pickled Peppers to become a family centered business, where we could enable people to taste our sweet and spicy treats all around the world. In 2012, along with my family, I was blessed to be able to commercially can our peppers. With the vision in view, our story is still being written. Our hope is that Pappy’s Pickled Pepper’s will bring joy to every plate around the world!

Jacob Birdwell - Owner

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Jacob Birdwell

12x the Goodness!

Upcoming Festivals:

Alliday – Tulsa, Ok Nov 15,
2014 Family Economics Conference – Kansas City, Kansas Oct 2-4, 2014

Prospective Locations:

Wholefoods – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Reasor’s Grocery – Oklahoma


Phone: 1+(918) 208-8044